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Release announcement, including notable features and patch notes

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Version 0.2 of the Fan Fork has finally been released!

Notable new features:

  • Six new devil worshipping societies have been added
  • Secret religions and secret religious cults have been added for all religions
  • Expanded trade routes
  • Added four new melting pot cultures
  • Expanded overseas trader events
  • Added Ontarois culture
  • Gave Mormons the ability to go on crusade
  • Fixed issue with English Portraits
  • Added new game rules
  • Extra Empires has been incorporated into the base mod, de jure makeup and names have been adjusted

Full patch notes:

Added devil worshipping
Added secret religions and secret religious cults
Added new melting pot cultures - New English, Carpetbagger, Yanquito, and Nuyorican
Added new Gallomerican culture - Ontarois
Overseas merchan events expanded to incorporate more overseas cultures
Re-enabled traveling eunuch mercant event from vanilla - can now give the player eunuch with overseas cultures
Added new overseas cultures - Baiano, Gaucho, and Wladfaeg
Renamed "Old World" culture group to "Britannic"
Renamed Portuguese culture group to "Portugues" (with accent)
Renamed Brazilian culture to "Brasileiro"
Re-enabled cultural empires for many overseas cultures
Fixed bugs with Wastelander culture
Expanded Hong Konger name list
Cree culture is now in the Plains group
Added several new characters and descriptions to the bookmark screen
Added new old world artifacts - Old World Shades and Old World Compass
Faustian events now give you actual artifacts as a reward
Weeping statue artifact now uses the proper image
Added new image for Old World Money artifact
Monster events now only fire if the province owner is 16 or older
Fixed bugs with appointment succession
Fixed bugs with carousing
Added new retinues for British, Wladfaeg, Baiano, and Brasileiro cultures
Added new histories for c_st_louis and k_papal_state
Added new merc company - Zoologocial Society of Cleveland
Added Hinduism to Guyana
Added new overseas religion for Russians - Nousthreskeia (Pacific)
Fixed bug with pilgramages
Added Portuguese names for several titles in Central and South America
Fixed characters with the name "ERROR" in British Columbia
Cultural empires now require 150 holdings to form
Ruina Imperii - cultural empires will now collapse if they go under 100 holdings. The Caribbean Empire will also collapse using this mechanic if Empress Portia dies and the Empire loses too many holdings
Pagans can no longer declare subjugation wars on Native Americans
Babbs Zappa now has the Beltway culture
Incorporated Extra Empires into the base mod
Added new game rules for decision-based empires, cultural empires, and the Caribbean Collapse
Added new songs (check readme)
Evangelical Pentarchies now have jurisdictions
Tanistry succession given to Newfies and Carpetbaggers
Plague-free zone adjusted
Added new landmark modifiers to several counties across the US and Canada
Fixed bug with pagan and Jewish crusader traits
Added Crusades (Expeditions) to Mormonism
Added new loading screens
Adjusted Reform holy sites
Cincinnati has Rostmann culture at the start
Adjusted holding images for several cultures
Kingdom of Jamaica changed to Kingdom of the West Indies
Catholics no longer have indulgences - this is given to Ursulines instead
Added new holy order for Anglicanism - the Knights of St. Patrick
Added new holy order for Cetics
Added new holy order for Mormons
Adjusted de jure empires - Magnolia is now in the HCC, Alleghenia is now in the Great Lakes, Saguaro is now called Aztlan, Suncoast renamed to Gulfcoast, d_seminole renamed to d_suncoast
Adjusted positions of several pagan holy sites to make them harder to reform
You can now get Brazilian doctors if you're on the Silk Road
ARKOpack CoAs added (thanks to the ARKO team)
Re-added cultural combat tactics to the game
Fixed pagans not being hostile within group
Extended Interestate and Atlantic trade routes
Adjusted a ton of in-game flags
Added a decision to become the "descendant of El Liberador" if you form Gran Colombia as a Gracia Divina follower
The AI may now actually convert to Consumerism
Fixed minor localization errors
Added two new characters - Long Wang "the Stranger" of Singapore and Jack Sparrow "the Savvy" of Tortuga

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