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Hello soldiers! For a long time there was no article, it's time to fix it! In this article, we will talk about new chips of mods, and new ideas. Let's start with the main-

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Afghanistan will be the very first addon since 1984. I decided to unite these two conflicts. First we will talk about Afghanistan:
-New idea of the implementation of the Soviet troops.
One of the mod's chips, this is the variation of the soldier. Not understood? I'll explain now.

Types of troops

Now the soldiers are divided into 2 types - Regular troops, and Special Forces (GRU and KGB from the USSR). Regular fighters will be able to take more weapons (the number of cartridges, grenades, and ammunition for grenade launchers), but they will be slower, while the Special Forces will be armed with fewer weapons (the GRU will not have simple AKMs or AKs, AK-74 ONLY, AKS- 74, AKS-74U),but will have greater mobility and a parachute.

Medicaments from the USSR.

The USSR in Afghanistan will have a separate feature.
This is a bandage and a first aid kit with the Weapon. Examples on the photo:

AKS-74 with 30 bulletsKapzoHAtLC8

This is AKS-74 with a harness and a first-aid kit will be used by the 40th Army and the GRU special forces in Afghanistan.

AKS-74 with 45 bullets

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This machine will be used by special forces of the GRU and the KGB in Afghanistan.


So, let's talk about the equipment. It will be unique in the mod.
Special forces, in addition to mobility, get a fairly quick recharge of the store. But they will have to take less ammunition with them.(For example, soldiers of the regular army can take a magazines for the RPK-74 for 45 bullets in the amount of 7-8 pieces, the special forces can only take 5. The same situation with AK ammunition, the special forces will be able to take a maximum of 6 magazines for AK) So there are differences in the number of grenades for both the grenade launcher and hand grenades. The soldier of the regular army will be able to take 3 hand grenades and 7 underbarrels. Special forces can take a maximum of 1 hand grenade and 5 underbarrels. To the account of RPGs.
In Afghanistan, the GRU will use RPG-18 and GP-25. A Regular troops RPG-7 and the same GP-25.

Health soldiers

The soldiers of the GRU and the KGB will have more points of health than the Regular Forces. Because they will use weapons with a first aid kit.
If the soldier's weapon is only a bandage-110 hp
If the soldier's weapon and first-aid kit and bandage-125 hp
On the next weapons will be bandages and first-aid kit-AKS-74, AKS-74U
The following weapons will only be bandages-AK74, RPK-74, SVD
That's how it will look like a bandage:


Stationary weapons

The special forces will not have the opportunity to install the UTES machine gun (NSV 12.7), but the Regular Army will have this option. This will come about by throwing out the machine on which the machine gun will appear. Such a power will get a machine gunner instead of a box with bullets.


So on the cards will be installed KPVT, DShK and these UTES 12.7


Opponents of the USSR in the Afghan war. Will use the following small arms-
TYPE-56 (56-1)
RPK 7.62

Types of troops

The army of the Mujahideen will consist of rebels. They will be easily armed and mobile. And they will also have sufficient ammunition, but a slow recharge. The same way the Mujahideen will be assisted by the Pakistan Special Forces "Black Storks". He will already be armed with AK-74 and a similar weapon. But it will also lag behind in reloading and health from special forces of the GRU or the KGB.

text 0130 43

The photo shows a Chinese mortar, and an RPG-7.

Combat vehicles

The means of transportation will mainly be cars like "Toyota" with the calibrated weapons installed on it (DShK, KPVT or SPG-9)
None of the tanks, aircraft or armored vehicles, they even do not go. The Mujahideen will only have to go in from the rear, giving an open battle is not recommended with enemy equipment, and if your opponent is the GRU or the KGB.

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So far, that's it, soon (Probably) there will be an article about armament in more details. Until sooner meetings, the great mod approaches, prepare: D

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Very well suited ideas for your mod, but did the Mujahideen have any of ZU-23-2 mounted on their captured Soviet's Zil truck or Ural truck? Also I found this interesting accurate picture of Mujahideen troops with stinger missile launcher. So you can add this class on this faction as anti-tank or new class. That's all my suggestion. All the best!

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Anthony817 - - 2,771 comments

Great update! Very eager to see what else you have for us to see@

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