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I welcome the player BF 2, in this article I will talk about plans for my mod. Let's start - This mods will be a realistic-historical shooter, but with elements of the arcade (1 person will be able to manage the tank himself, etc.) In the mods will be revealed many conflicts that for some reason are not very popular in the community of BF2.

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The first conflict that will soon come out is Afghanistan 1979--1989
This conflict is almost ready, it remains to add maps, and soldiers. It will have 4 factions - the 40th Army, the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, the Taliban, the Maoist rebels. But tanks, BMPs, planes and helicopters will only be in the 40th Army and DRA.
List of Technique-
- BMP-2
- Shilka
- T-62
- BM-21
- BTR-80
- SU-25
- MI-24
- MI-8

-MIG 21
-MIG 23
- SU 21

List of small arms-


- Type-56

-RPK with 70-round drum
- RPK-74
-AKS-74 with PGO-7V2
-АК-74 with ГП -25
-AKS-74 with GP-25
- PPS-43
- SKS with PU
- TT
- RPG 18
Stationary weapons-
- NSW "Cliff"
- D-30
- ZU-23-2

All the news you can learn on the page of the mods, a good day fighters!


Sounds great! If you haven't made one yet, we have a nice PPS43 from Battlefield Korea you can have and use in this mod!

Also, do you plan to have the iconic RPD machine gun? It is unfortunately an underrepresented gun in many mods and games.

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Kiborg_UA Author

RPD is in the plans, here only ready-made weapons and equipment are represented, I have plans to make another RPD, and Makarov. So it would be nice to find AGS-17, thanks also to the PPS-43!

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Sounds awesome! No problem, happy to help out where I can! You might want to give it different animations on the PPS, the guy who exported it for us unfortunately used Forgotten Hope 2 animations which I asked him to fix, but he didn't change it for me. I guess he was offended I asked him to change it but we simply never got permission to use FH2 animations.

I would like to see the fold out stock animated, I think it would look great also with crawling animations. But that is up to you to do whatever you want with it. :)

Also, the AGS-17 sounds awesome too!

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I just want to observe that, Though many Mujahadeen fighters ended up in the ranks of the Taliban, The name 'Taliban' was never applied to the mujahedeen until after the soviets were expelled from Afghanistan.

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Kiborg_UA Author

I did not notice that I wrote a Taliban :)

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Nooneofconsequence problem.

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а как скачать я не шарю???

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Kiborg_UA Author

Скачать пока нельзя, мод в разроботке(23 Мая выход первого доп. 1984)

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