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With the upcoming release of Light Apprentice, we need to know: where would you prefer to buy it?

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Hi, everyone!

Here at Amazu we're working really really hard to deliver a nice Alpha to you. We're aiming at releasing it in one or two weeks from now, and we would like to ask you: where/how would you like to buy it, and for how much?

We also need to know where you think our game fits best. Maybe it doesn't fit a marketplace like Desura (for some reason), but it would suit Indievania, with a Pay What You Want price model..? We'd really appreciate any suggestions you guys would have on that.

Thanks a bunch and see ya next time! We're preparing a tasty video for ya..!

- Igor

Templarfreak - - 6,723 comments

I would say price of 20 dollars, then after a few months drop it to 10 to 15.

As for where to sell, why not on Desura? xD
Other then that I can't help you.

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mikah - - 14 comments

Some suggestions :
Your game should be everywhere you can place it. Steam, Indievania, GameCity, indie bundles, iPhone, iPad...
The more platforms you support, the more revenue you'll get. Plus, your game might not meet its audience on one platform but might be a hit on an other one.
For the pricing, you should look how much similar games are priced and adapt from that.
You can have different pricing. For exemple, you game could be cheaper on iPhone than iPad but more expensive for desktop version.
Then lower the price when you feel the sales are dropping and participate in promotions (indie bundles...).
Hope this help!
Good luck with your game, looks promising!

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