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A very late animation update for the now dated Tech demo.

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A very late update for the now dated Tech demo is available for download.

Why do it now?

For the longest time many people have complained about the animations in the Tech demo feeling wooden and disjointed, and still after almost 5 years since the first release; people are still downloading it. Therefore I felt it necessary to update the animations in the Tech demo to give old and new players a better Sonic game play experience. The animations or no way perfect, but they're not half as bad as they were originally.

Updated animations:

The leap frog jump has now been replaced with a proper spinball animation.

I hope it is to your liking.

[Download Here]

On a side note.

Did anyone in the last couple of years find the fire and magnetic shields, and a random monitor in the beach section of the game, and/or the two hidden caves near the coastline?

If not...the Tech demo still holds its secrets.

shadowbane2009 I noticed an instant improvement over all...he runs just like he did in Sonic Adventure...its got that feel to it if I can just manipulate this baby to work with my xbox based pc wired controller ;) Epically excellent work DK =D

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If anyone out there wants to do a video of this I would be interested in seeing it - I do not currently have a PC that could play this.

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