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Some words about additions to Dibella's Watch that have recently been created and will enrich your gameplay.

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There are already a few smaller additions to this mod that will be of interest to its players. I have already earlier mentioned the Dibella's Watch CM Partners, which adds ten companions to the island for you to bring along on your adventures. Give them a check if you're having difficulty dealing with those battles in the Main Quest on your own.

Now, I am also proud to announce two other additions to the mod. Dibella's Watch Alternative Start was created by myself and lets you start a completely new game of Oblivion on the island of Dibella's Watch by bypassing the vanilla Oblivion tutorial dungeon. When starting out, you then get an own cabin in the north of Scarleyshire, imbedded in the deep forests there and part of a depressing village called Greenford, and you get some starting equipment too. There's also a starter dungeon nearby with leveled enemies for you to sharpen your sword on.

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I am also proud to announce Tamira's German Translation of Dibella's Watch. This translation has been done in cooperation with me, and she's done an amazing job. The German translation also includes the previously released patch of the mod, which means you'll still have only two files in your load order to worry about even if you want the mod to speak German! Oh, and if you want to use the Alternative Start addition, Tamira has also translated that for you.

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Alpha473 - - 380 comments

Good news, I also like alternate start. :-)

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Antiscamp Author
Antiscamp - - 515 comments

I started out creating this for myself, but I fleshed it with a starting village and so on so I could share it. I've been using Robert Evrae's Alternative Start for years, since I'm dead tired of the tutorial dungeon.

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deadrawkstar - - 396 comments

Dude, this is ******* great!
It's like your own world that your sharing with us.
Much respect, Antiscamp.

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Antiscamp Author
Antiscamp - - 515 comments

Thanks! And there's more coming too in these two exciting months before Skyrim. :)

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SolidFake - - 1,200 comments

german translation seems to be decent!

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