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Head over to the tutorial section and read the basic guide to mm mod!

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Basic Gameplay Introduction

These will be your normal weapon of choice, the majority of people favour the line infantry classes due to their balanced gameplay, and ability to face off and win against most opponents if played correctly. They function in two modes; Ranged and melee. To switch between these modes you only have to press X and you will see the little icon in the bottom right hand corner change.
When in ranged, you just have to aim the weapon using the crosshairs, by clicking the left mouse button and holding, releasing the button will make your character fire. (You can cancel shooting by right clicking before releasing). Clicking left mouse button again will trigger the reload sequence. (Note that this takes a while and if you move you cancel it, so be smart!)
When in melee, it is the normal incredible warband combat, mouse movements indicate the direction you wish to block and strike, though muskets/rifles can only be used to overhead and stab.

Officer Combat
When playing as an officer, you will be given a pistol and a sword to fight with.
Pistols can only be used in ranged, they are very inaccurate and rarely kill in one hit. Using them is the same as using a musket in ranged, but when reloading you can move.
Using a sword in melee means you can do side swings as well as overheads and thrusts, but they dont have as long a range, and do less damage than the bayonets.Mounted Combat
Mounted combat in mm mod is very similar to native warbands, albeit more fast paced. Timing your swings/stabs is everything, frontal charges against infantry always fail, and being smart gets you the points!

Right now we have a simple place holding cannon system. Next to each cannon there is a cannon ball, simply look at the cannon ball till a little message saying "aim cannon" pops up, and hold down F. Then approach the cannon (be careful as the cannon will swing with your view) and do the same to fire it.

Voice Commands

For everyone a battle shout is C, but officers and others can use the right and number pad for orders, and other things.

As we add more and change things, this will be updated, thanks for reading and have a great time playing mm mod!

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Nice for noobs i gues :P

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