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Ack ack ack community! Yesterdays "balancing patch" was of course our April's fool of this year!

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Ack ack ack community,

yesterdays "balancing patch" was of course our April's fool of this year!

We hope you had some fun blasing away some Goa'uld and Wraith with your UFOs!
As we had quite some fun indeed we decided to push back the rollback a bit to the 4th of April.
Ack ack ack away till then!

Did you like our little April's fool? Let us know on our Discord!


Edit 4th of April

The UFO invasion is over! We've reverted the April's fool patch for open beta and stable. Everything should back to normal.
Happy Easter everyone! :)



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Lmfao I made this picture years ago. There’s another version as well. Where did you find this? Didn’t know it was floating around. Haha thanks for posting it

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