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After over five years of development, Acheron finally enters an alpha phase.

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Dear marines,

it's been over five years since the development on Acheron has started but I am happy to announce that the mod is finally entering an alpha phase. Unfortunately, our team couldn't really get any smaller and although I am very proud of what we've managed to bring with this new release, it is what your average modding team might manage in less than half the time. Either way, we hope that you'll enjoy the alpha build of Acheron! Here is some of the new content you'll find in it.


Once again, we took inspiration from the "sentry gun scene" from the Director's Cut of Aliens to create an original, retrofuturistic heads-up display.

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Infantry Rose / Vehicle Rose / Squad/Commander Rose

The HUD colour can now be adjusted by changing CROSSHAIR COLOR in the HUD SETTINGS tab of the main menu, just remember not to make it too dark.

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Each player can now use their commo rose to "request" a fire extinguisher from one of the passenger seats in the back of the APC. Having requested one, an engineer kit will be spawned at your feet as soon as you exit the vehicle. Just pick it up and start extinguishing but remember that each player can only request one fire extinguisher kit per round.

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Your team must eliminate all of your opponent's reinforcements to win. Alternatively, you can go for a swift victory by directly assaulting the hive, capturing all control points on the map and eliminating the remaining enemies. Watch out for the facehuggers, if one gets you and you become a chestburster, you must capture all control points on the map and hunt down the remaining enemies to win.


The alpha comes with four maps - two day maps and two night maps with the APC appearing on one of each. As you can see the alien queen model is still very much unfinished and serves only as a placeholder but it absolutely can be eliminated in order to destroy the hive.

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Bracken's World, the new map, hasn't been finished either but is available in the multiplayer as a test location. You can find two variants of the APC there as well as what can only be described as an early test of the UD-4L Cheyenne dropship barely capable of taking off.

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Something a couple of you asked for has finally came true. Acheron can now be run with Project Remaster assets, all you need is to have the v14 of Project Remaster installed and the rest takes care of itself!
A huge thank you to BF2142 Project Remaster developers, especially illicitSoul who was kind enough to make this irrefusable offer to us!


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We hope you'll have fun with the alpha version. As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Anthony817 - - 2,771 comments

Damn, has it really been 5 years? Well, congrats on the alpha release! Trust me I know how you feel, our mod Battleground 44 took us 4 years to do but it was crazy ambitious but we did have more people helping out than your mod does currently. So I would say you did a decent job and you have made much progress and it is really starting to feel like a proper Alien franchise game. Keep supporting it little by little whenever you can and have free time and people will check it out when you release something new! ;)

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Frosty98B Author
Frosty98B - - 1,339 comments

Thanks, Anthony, I'd love to see the full version of Acheron being as good as BG44 one day.

Unfortunately, it seems that no matter how much time and effort I put into the development, there's barely any visible progress and I really feel burned out. I'd still love to finish the mod one day but you'll probably see me releasing Acheron for BF2 before I try adding any new stuff.

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TrueSpirit - - 208 comments

Oh man, that looks pretty nice =)
I will definitely install 2142 again and give it a try!

If you need any help in the staticobjects area, feel free to contact me - i'm really happy to help!

Think you know, Ainas is a good friend to me and i already did some stuff for their project. So, if you guys need something - just lemme know! Cheers :D

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Frosty98B Author
Frosty98B - - 1,339 comments

Thanks, buddy! It truly means a lot to me. I'll be sure to reach out to you if I get to work on one of the new map concepts. ;)

Hope you'll have fun trying the mod out!

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illicitSoul - - 6,285 comments

Gratz on the release matey!

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General_Bradly - - 836 comments

Nice work! Can't wait to try this out.

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Longobardo - - 712 comments

I just tried the new release, and while I know it has been a while since the last release but man... the mod feels like a whole new game compared to the previous version. It is like night and day. This version is far more feature complete, fun and challenging not to mention pretty. And yes I know that the Project Remastered also helps in that regard but still. I hope you are able to finish the last couple touches but for me the mod is already 80% where I want it to be. Thank you so much!

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Frosty98B Author
Frosty98B - - 1,339 comments

Thank you so much, Longo! This is probably the nicest feedback I'll ever get to hear regarding Acheron. ;)
Like I said in the comment above, I really need a break from modding but I promise you to that I'll try to get back to work and finish what's incomplete or missing. Hopefully I won't leave you waiting for too long.

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