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accelerating hotkeys is officially live on Steam and Itch.IO and available to download!

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accelerating hotkeys is officially live on Steam and Itch.IO and available to download! Our next commercial game set in the world's most "accurate" cubicle has arrived and with it quite a few changes from it's game jam idea predecessor.

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Moving from a quick few day concept to a full fledged work-sim was a slower process than expected but we got here eventually, and with all of the ups and downs we have added some tried and true achievements to boot.

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But that's not all folks, we also have a much more "interactive" experience with plenty of additional items littered around the office space to be messed around with and explored in all of their physics based glory.

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What good would all of this be however without some new content to explore? So there are now a few new difficulty options to be unlocked, additional items that can be purchased, a plethora of new and strange gameplay mechanics, a much extended upon day-to-day typing exercise, customizable work packs to type through, and of course the titular hotkeys.

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To wrap things up this project has also been a bit of test on our ability to incorporate multiple language support for our projects so the game now supports: English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Much like the ability to customize work packs to type through in-game, player's also have the ability to add and edit language packs. We apologize in advance if your selected language reads a bit wonky.

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As always we appreciate the support we have received from everyone during development. This has been a bit of a different one with this game starting out as a game jam concept but we hope it turned out as an interesting idea at the very least. We don't think there will be a lot of post-launch updates aside from fixing any bugs, but if any fresh ideas come to mind we might have some additional free content. In any case, we wish you all the best, thanks again, and have a wonderful day!

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