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Update on the release of the first public beta of Abysm 2's Expansion, Pharaoh's Judgement.

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Abysm 2: Pharaoh's Judgement Expansion update 14/06/2021 - Public Beta Release

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It's Finally Here!

After a long development cycle and internal testing, The Public beta of Abysm 2's expansion Pharaoh's Judgement is here.

Feedback and Suggestion is highly appreciated and will help the project become better and more polished mod on final release. Please don't be afraid to comment your thoughts on the mod, things you like, things you believe needs to be improved.

About the Expansion:

Abysm 2: Pharaoh's Judgement is an Expansion for the GZDoom mod Abysm 2: Infernal Contract. Includes a new singleplayer Campaign with new Weapons, Monsters and Quests.

Karnak, Capital city of the Kingdom of Aten, is under siege by a militant cult hell-bent on destroying the old religion and the monarchy that was built upon it. Nadia, Mercenary of Iron and famed Demon Slayer of Hadria, is tasked by the Pharaoh of Aten to crush the rebellion and restore peace to the ruined city.


Companion Threads:

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This Expansion Features:

- Completely new campaign with an Overworld map, 5 Questline Dungeons and 5 Optional Dungeons.


- New Starting Equipment, the Centurion’s set.


- New Weapons and Upgrades and new upgrades for existing Weapons.


- New Spells and Rings


And many more to discover when you Download and play Pharaoh's Judgement

Thank you everyone and I hope you enjoy the mod.


Life leech from Bloodbote ring do not work with Serpent Staff.

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jazzmaster909 Author

That's because each shot is calculated individually rounded to the nearest integer.

Thats how it works in GZDoom currently, but I'll try to find a workaround.

Upgrading the Serpent Staff or even just leveling STR a bit WILL show results.

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