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Tired roaming all the same looking Zone? Choose from 5 different styles. Each area can have unique ground and foliage textures.

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Absolute Nature 2 for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky

is available for download.

Absolute Nature 2 is a texture pack that improve overall sharpness and quality of the ground and foliage textures in the game.
It is possible to choose unique style for each area in the game from great variation of 5 different styles so if you want Cordon to be rotten, Swamps with dry autumny look and Limansk completely dead at the same time, get Absolute Nature 2 for CS.

There are also 3 different texture resolution options (vanilla, high and ultra) so you can enjoy the new look of the zone without upgrading your computer.

Prez - - 158 comments

I currently have 'Clear Sky Complete' installed over vanilla Clear Sky. Anyone know if these Nature and Structure packs would work with the 'Complete' mods?

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CrommCruac Author
CrommCruac - - 1,180 comments

They should work just fine but before installing ATP over Complete make a backup of your gamedata folder. Just in case.

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fernando.s.b2000 - - 13 comments

Can you make this mod compatible with Arsenal overhaul now? because I am using both and they are not working because they use the same file shaders.xr in gamedata

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Radar11m - - 694 comments

this looks good

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Major-Anonyme - - 17 comments

Looking good! Unfortunatly my PC barely manages to run CS Vanilla on maxed settings...

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CrommCruac Author
CrommCruac - - 1,180 comments

Use the 'normal' settings in the installer. The requirements (texture resolution) for that option are exactly the same as vanilla but textures look crisper.

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KingAwesome - - 9 comments

The rotten style looks pretty good. I will install this the next time I play CS. *bookmarked*

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BASKA - - 196 comments


Well Well Well Mdaaa Stalker bad game.

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Nomad451 - - 73 comments

This is really awesome. Thanks! Is there any chance we could get an optional version for SoC? I would love to make SoC all rotten or dead rather than mostly lush and green.

Great work on this by the way

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yogalD - - 12 comments

I know it says you should have at least 3GB of RAM but I have 16GB and it still crashes once xrEngine.exe reaches the ~3GB RAM usage mark, is there any way to make it use more? Even if it's only a 32 bit exe it should still be able to use 4GB, why stop at 3GB?

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CorsairL - - 127 comments

I m running it with Arsenall overhall, Clear Sky v1.2, with SRP V1.1.2 and it crash whe loading "CLIENT"... I m using spanish version.

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pulometac - - 43 comments

I'm a bit late here, but is it possible somehow to make the "Green" style more green?

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