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Downloads are up. Full integration of UGC maps and GC scenarios. AI space station upgrades fixed.

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All UGC planets should be showing now. If I missed something, let me know.

AI is finally upgrading the space stations now. I have it set now to shut down all other production if there is not 25% of the stations upgraded to maximum for each level. Let me know if the AI isn't building enough ships. I might have to increase the offensive budget for the AI since I set it to use that for the space stations.

Added more ships to skirmish space mode per request. Also edited the AI to make those ships. Let me know if there are issues here.

I need help tracking down text descriptions that are wrong or worded badly. I also need more ideas for planet abilities. Production increases or price reductions are easy, upgrades take slightly more work. Also if you feel that certain ships should be buildable on more planets, let me know. My SW lore knowledge is lacking a bit for the EU stuff. I know it isn't all canon anymore, but I'm interested in fun.

All factions can raid now, so don't neglect your ground bases too much. I was going to add another surprise, but I hit a snag and couldn't get it working. I was going to make certain units buildable during GC combat. Unfortunately there was no way to bring them into combat like in skirmish since the reinforcement button was disabled. If anyone knows any other mod that has something like that working, please say so I can take a look under the hood and find out how. I have a feeling it has something to do with a .lua script.

If you enjoy this add-on, please give a review. There are only two reviews so far, and one was pretty low. You don't have to give details if you don't want to, but I would appreciate feedback if there are issues.

G3nesis_Prime - - 116 comments

Thanks for all your hard work.

ACM used to be my go to mod but with the freezes and bugs stopped playing.

Now that you are fixing the bugs and the defreezer tool is out I might (read will) be downloading ACM again

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Reeb99 Author
Reeb99 - - 268 comments

Yeah the Defreezer tool is a gamesaver, although I hardly ever run into that bug anymore. There are still some random crashes, but they seem to be few and far between.

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jeandre25 - - 5 comments

It keeps crashing when i enter battles
PLS help

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