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News about when I can play the demo and what are my plans.

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I think some of you are already interested (at least a little bit in the project) and are waiting for when you can already play this
and it's clear to the fool that you need to play horror and the fact that I post some images does not change the situation
on the mod I work alone, it slows down the process a little, but I work intensively. Until recently, it was a little comic mod about HYPE around "Backrooms", but then I created a couple of locations and realized that I was able to make something much more out of it than just a small mod
from time to time, I throw small non-playable builds to my friends and their attitude to the project is very positive, especially the quality of the project, the oppressive atmosphere and interesting exploration of locations
are noted. I take classic horror games (Silent Hill, Resident Evil, IMSCARED, FEAR, etc.) as a basis.



I think that in a couple of weeks I will be able to come to the demo version, though I can't promise it one hundred percent. I have a lot of work to do and a lot of changes to make.
However, I feel that I will soon be able to show you the gameplay


I want the player to have different emotions
ranging from calmness to suspense,
I'm trying to achieve this effect with sounds and graphics.


The Mod will have its own unique musical accompaniment written by hand,
based on a piano from SaveRooms from "RE", a guitar from Cry Of Fear and strange psychedelic ambients like Silent Hill

The process of creating one of the soundtracks

I hope you are interested in the project follow my twitter and this page
good luck and see you soon

(Translated by Google translator, I apologize in advance for mistakes!)

"damn it, there really is a very strong smell of rotten flesh"

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