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I will inform you of today's bug fix information and the contents of the next update that I plan to do in the future.

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I fixed it because there is a bug in "Out of Ammo F2000-XR". Currently, it is possible to download a file that fixed the bug.

***Next Planed Update Contents***

The next update of CALL OF DOOM will be as follows.

It will be released as soon as renovation is complete.

-Almost all weapons are weakened by 50%.
Because there are many opinions that "monster of DOOM is not a clay doll".
By the way I like clay dolls better.

-Fixed some weapon behavior. Readjust "recoil" and "reload speed". I will weaken the G36C and UMP 45 and plan to lower the rate of fire of the bolt action sniper rifle.

-Player will only be able to carry one type of weapon for each category.
As a result, the family register of some weapons may change.

-I think that no one needs it, but "Sten SMG" and "M3 Grease Gun" will be added as new weapons. This is a souvenir celebrating that Call of Duty has returned to WW 2.

-"Selective Fire" will be implemented. Semia-Auto / 3 burst / Full-Auto switching, 2 - pistol on / off, laser sight on / off etc.
(However, since this will create a new hotbed of new BUGs, ‚Äč‚Äčthere is a possibility that it will not be implemented if my energy goes down.)

- I am going to add a new girlfriend.

If you disagree with the above update content, please comment.


I'm more a fan of weaker enemies as you are. I like squishy clay dolls more, so I would appreciate if the mod would remain as is. Keep weapons powerful as they are. More satisfying that way.

I think a better way is to make a new difficulty setting for those who want bigger difficulty that simply gives 2.0x health to monsters.

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