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Hello friends!

I 'm here would to inform my friend, Rafif_Daffa, now he is cannot continue in the mod proggress, Rafif now is busy, now he is making a audio project, like tone control, amplifier, active crossover. he told to me, to continue his project in this site, i will help my friend as well as i can. he teach me howto make model, animation, and mods for call of duty 2, i know most of them. i will do my best in my spare time. but i not have a internet connectivity everyday, so maybe i just upload my proggres in the weekend or the next weekend. i hope you understand. :)

And i upload some new changed stuff :

  • PTRS41

This is a Anti Tank rifle for the russian, now this is can destroy armor in each level without causing any script error or uncompleteable objective, its will be use scoped version.

  • MG42

this german Maschinengewehr42. I decide to use original mg42 from waw with a little edit, because i think this mg42 is little not match with the animation, how about your think? if you like this version i will not change it.

  • Mosin Nagant

I see the original nagant is not have a good reload anim, so i replace it with the WaW mosin nagant, exactly WaW mosin also have a little problem, when rechamber the bolt is not absolutely back, and not have good melee anim, but i have fix the first problem

This is the information, i think i can help my friend, but my skill is not very well like my friend, so i cant make a perfect stuff. i hope you understanding. :)
i will trying to complete this mod before december.

2nd Author of Black Smith Mod

MCh2207Cz Online

Hi there!
I am really glad that I hear some news about Rafif. I was getting worries about him. I am happy that is ok.
I wish you good luck with finishing the mod!

P.S. good work on the mosin.

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Daffa_Mater Author

thanks, rafif is just busy at this time. before he go, he teach me how to make a mod. now i can do it.

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Looks good, keep working :D

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Daffa_Mater Author


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