This mods will bring you a lot of unique stuff, original CoD2 is not have many unique stuff, so this mod will change the old boring CoD2 into Realistic Gameplay.

The stuff thats will be added is : New Weapons, Texture, Effect, Texture, Sounds, Script, Characters, 2D Grapich, etc.


If you have anything to say, dont write it as a comment, better you send me message to my moddb account. Be sure to give me bias, so i can improve the stuff thats i made.

this mod have 2 stuff,

1. old stuff, is a ww2 mods, relased as beta version mean maybe have a bug or uncomplete stuff.

2. new stuff, is a modern mods for cod2 its our main objective about now.

Credits :

- MCh2207Cz ; MP44, modelling tutorial, animation tutorial, texturing tutorial, mod help.
- pcapaolo ; Animation tutorial.
- 3st0nian ; Basic LMG Script.
- ConvictioNDR ; M1921 Thompson
- jnoonfelt ; AI Scripting tutorial, inspiration.
- PlusIce ; mod permission, tutorial.
- Meeshman ; Kar98k skin, SVT40 Skin, Thompson Skin, Colt45 Skin.
- Rafif_Daffa ; Weapon Stuff ( G43, FG42, MG42, M1919A4, PTRS41, M1 Carbine, DP28 ), German
Paratrooper Character, Plantable LMG Script, AI Scripts, New Skin.
- Arkan_Rais ; Weapon Stuff ( Mosin Nagant, Springfield, PPSh, SVT Sniper ), Optimizing, Map hack,
King Tiger Tank, Character Equipment, weapon stat.

Back to Fronts Team :

- CroWhiteWolf a.k.a. Captain_Victor (texturing)
- Heavymetal (textures)
- Jessejoydb (animations)
- Pcapaolo (models, textures, ports)
- Perun58 (icons, sounds)
- SPLinT_CeLL (textures)
- MCh2207Cz (modelling, animating, texturing, sounds, sfx, gfx, scripting)
- Person-ASC a.k.a. Fainyance11 (sounds)
- Tomalla (general/overall scripting, mapping, modelling)
- Torre (modelling, texturing, scripting, gfx, sounds)
- Triby (SP mapping); Vassili_Tzaisev (reference, history, translations)
- War_Crimes (texturing)
- Wicopp (general/overall scripting, texturing, sfx, gfx)
- xxxCYCLONExxx (texturing, character scripting).

Special Thanks To:

- MCh2207Cz ( mod help )
- Rafif_Daffa ( first mods developer )
- jnoonfelt ( AI Stuff help )
and another people thats give their help to this mods.


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beta relased

News 4 comments


The beta version of black smith ww2 mods is relased, check in download page. its a beta version so maybe you find some bugs or uncomplete stuff. i will not continue working on this ww2 mods and starting work in modern mods, i leave the beta version here.



M1921 Thompson and weapon upgrade

M1921 Thompson and weapon upgrade

News 4 comments

Information about the latest weapon upgrade, character equipment, animation, model, and texture.

Reworked model, animation, and texture

Reworked model, animation, and texture

News 2 comments

The latest model, animation, and texture. The correction, rework, and latest stuff is informed at here.

New weapon stuff and skin

New weapon stuff and skin

News 7 comments

The latest new about weapon stuff ands skin. remodel, remake, and reskin.

About new stuff and mod development

About new stuff and mod development

News 4 comments

The latest information about this mod. The development and the new stuff.

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CoD2:Mortar & MachineGun Deploy

CoD2:Mortar & MachineGun Deploy

Script 12 comments

This is a script that allows you to deploy a machinegun in hand (ex: dp28, mg34, mg42, b30cal) into a turret. This can made change with mortar too!

Black Smith WW2 Mods

Black Smith WW2 Mods

Full Version 20 comments

---Everybody can use this stuff without contact me and must mention it in mod credits --- this is the beta version of blacksmith ww2 mods, its still in...



Demo 10 comments

this is a new usmc hand from mw2, replace american hand with it.

M82A1 barret .50 cal

M82A1 barret .50 cal

Demo 1 comment

Hello! Black Smith mods now relase one try out weapons, thats is m82a1 barret sniper thats replace springfield in original game, compatible with SP or...



Demo 2 comments

This modification bring you USMC handmodel for cod2, this is a my second modern handmodel for cod2, best use it with custom modern weapon with custom...



Demo 10 comments

This modification bring you M60E machinegun, replacing original bar in game. usable in multiplayer and singleplayer, this stuff is have a special model...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 63)
croccandbaultorcure - - 88 comments

Will you change the friendly ai accuracy to make them useful in combat?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
mylikesuks - - 9 comments

please make all the weapons in one file. it's a waste of time to download it one-per-one

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
emansantiago1192 - - 41 comments

Hey can you add the M16a4 with the acog and the M4A1 with the red dot sight please? because i need it in the singleplayer and Multiplayer Thanks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Guest - - 695,743 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

patalaskrystian - - 1 comments

jak go pobrac

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
LevTaylor - - 531 comments

Cool stuff!
Is there a way that i could get the Tiger II "King Tiger" skin tank for the Tiger without the rest of the mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
WOLFBANE998 - - 1 comments

hey just a question but are there any mods for cod 1 in the download? I just wanna know before i download it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
BerkayKıray - - 101 comments

Awesome updates ! Keep it up brother :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
fender1 - - 93 comments

Hi, where is M14EBR ?????

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Daffa_Mater Creator
Daffa_Mater - - 151 comments

i cant make m14ebr because i dont get the animation file, m14 animation no match with m14ebr model

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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