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Mass Effect Reborn is back, with a complete new organisation and management.

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Mass Effect Reborn has been deleted from Moddb months ago because of several things. We all know these reasons don't we ? It's mostly a problem of working (Time, models...). At that time, the mod was about models & textures made by BioWare including some new stuff which were made by Devy and that is right.

We decided to remove that bad popularity and with BloodFleet, we decided to change Mass Effect Reborn. You may know that using models & textures from Mass Effect is allowed if credit (And non-commercial thing) is due. Mass Effect Reborn is just about that, as same as some Mass Effect mods (running) on other games such as Star Wars : Empire At War and so on...
However, the Mass Effect soundtrack can't be used, this is the reason why we have our own soundtrack, created by Mass Effect fans such as Draco Nared, Jacob Lake, Chiff, Ainset and for our Main Theme, Plasma Music.

BloodFleet is actually the director of Mass Effect Reborn and also one of the Phoenix Interactive's Directors. In fact, he's now a Chief Executive Development of Phoenix Interactive. Therefore, he's now one of the most important people of the team.

Accordingly, Mass Effect Reborn is back with a complete new view. As one of the Phoenix's leaders, I have to do it... I have to apologize for everything that happened in the past with some of our developers. Anyway, Mass Effect Reborn will be available as soon as possible. We decided to remove the download because we have to release a great version with planets, new ships and new stuff, made before for Stargate Space Conflict such as a new UI and so on...

That was Erayser,
Thanks guys for your support.
Best Regards.

Capt.Host - - 854 comments

Excited about the comeback! I hope hope you can deliver an piece of work.

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DardoX - - 37 comments

Nice to hear from you again. Just like in the previous mod, i will try to give you my best constructive crictisism as a long time mass effect fan. =3 Also, i'd like to help if possible with sounds. I know this will be one of the best mods ever made, so let's do this guys!

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Nkarpovich - - 179 comments

Is there anywhere i can buy/download the soundtrack? I really like it

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Thib Author
Thib - - 1,689 comments

The soundtrack is free and would be available when the release comes out.

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Nkarpovich - - 179 comments

yay! and for the record, this looks awesome. will have to go dig out my old hw2 disc for this!

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juan117 - - 18 comments

is good that you have decided to return with this amazing world
the world of mass effect
i hope you success.

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