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Greetings, salutations and welcome to the Conflicts of Eriador! Today we bring a tally of great changes to the oncoming mod. In order of least exciting to most, here they are: -The factions of the Ar-Adûnaim, Bree and Goblin Town will be removed. -The Wildmen faction are renamed! Dunland will be renamed Daen Skaduriachta, while the Gwathurim will now be known as the Dhai Uarioch. There is also the appearance of a new faction, Gainnhalthas, located around the Angren. -The faction of Gondor will be added. -The timeline will change from its expected starting point to the Year 1300, T.A.

As a result much of the gameplay will be affected! Angmar is at its very starting point,no more than the young, new settlement of Carn Dum, that has yet to begin its calamitous rise to enormous power! The Kingdoms of the Dúnedain are still mighty and proud, and as much interlocked in internal strife as they are dedicated to safeguarding their borders. In both cases all that separates these conflicts from escalating into total war is naught but the tiniest spark. The Elves are more prominent, fewer of them having left for the Undying Lands. The Dwarves still hold onto Moria, still in the process of digging too deep, but that day lies far away and until then they are mighty, rich and powerful. To the north lies the Misty Mountains, full of angry and vengeful Goblins, while Gundabad stands proudly at the top of the world, tall, strong Orcs glaring in every direction, seeing prey and plunder almost everywhere. To the south live the many Wildmen factions, full of hate towards the invaders who have stolen their lands, and they clash constantly with the might of Gondor, who holds fasts around the North-South Road with determined hearts and cold steel.

We would like to welcome you to the changed dynamic of Conflicts of Eriador, and hope you will enjoy this new timeline as much as we had creating it! Now, to talk about our newcomer, the Might of Gondor! To begin with, the Banner of the White Tree is flown not by it's mighty king, Romendacil II, but by nobles sent from the south, with the express purpose to bring order to the unruly lands between them and the split Kingdoms of Arnor. Their main task is thus simple; to guard the road and halt the Wildmen attacks, who view them as vile invaders to be purged. To this end they brought with them the might of Gondorian steel and their discipline. This is not the withered force that is known later in the Third Age, but proud men, well trained, with the equipment and discipline to match. Or at least, that will be the case as Gondorian reinforcements trickle north.

For this is not a full on expedition, but merely "guard duty". Gondor, as ever, keeps its watchful gaze on the dread lands of Mordor, and therefore can spare but little to the threats of barbarians. As such, the only place where these mighty units can be recruited is along the road itself, and the most northern provinces of Gondor itself.

To supplement these forces, it is possible to recruit Wildmen auxiliaries. Not all locals are opposed to the Gondorian occupation, and many view the newcomers as an improvement. Or perhaps they simply prefer to side with what they see as a superior force, or they fight for coin.

Whatever the case, the Gondorian forces have ample reserves to draw these troops from, providing that they can maintain a presence beyond merely keeping the road, and that their treasury does not run dry.

Rumours of a new power rising in the North does not disturb these men. They were sent to guard the road by their King, and that is what they shall do. To this end they will seek to pacify the Wildmen, one way or another. Only when this is accomplished would they dare to move further. Whether that is to expand their influence, or to help their brethren in Arnor, is anyone's guess...

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