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Seeking balls, that shock you and are *gasp* blue. A wussy's worst nightmare.

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Hey watchers and everyone else reading this, the mod started almost 3 weeks ago now, come see for yourself the progress being made on it.

For the newcomers:
I originally came up with the simple idea of using the gravity gun to fight and move around in zero gravity, since then it's become one heck of a mod to play and the first open alpha release is getting closer and closer with a 7 man team of 1 coder, a 2d artist and *gasp* 5 level designers among which one a prop modeller.

I could go for an even more lengthy explanation about GraviNULL, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words and... well ... video's are lots of pictures in a row, so here's a gameplay video from last week:

Progress since then:

The most important new feature is the seeking mode for the gravity gun to allow the mines you punt to follow a target around for a short while, great for finishing off wounded wussy's attempting to flee the fight and recover.

A video obviously shows this feature best so here's one for your viewing pleasure:

Additional progress:

  • Hit beeps to give you a confirmation you hit your target
  • Simple glow particle to indicate the current mode of the mine
    (more particle effects planned)
  • New scoring system, 1 point for every 10 damage dealt in a single hit, 3 points as a bonus for a kill and -5 points for suicides. Score limit upped to support this.
  • Made grappling alot easier.

That was all for now, stay tuned and keep watching! If you aren't watching already, click the "Track now!" button to stay up to date with all the shocking updates!


How about a portal themed map where you are inside GLaDOS's room and instead of rollermines you get those eyes.

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Couldn't you just build the room similarly? It doesn't need to be an exact copy does it?

Fantastic progress btw! I'm stoked about this... I'm ready to see a good zero-grav game.

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Haha nice work... keep it up ^_^

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GraviNull is epic

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