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Development is going good. Here's what is to come.

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Hello Moddb.

It feels good to be back.

Anyway, let's get down to it.

Development of the mod is at about 90% speed (I still like to have free time that doesn't involve mapping) and the beginning of the mod/ the first map should be done (hopefully) by the end of December.

It won't be a HUGE map, but it will have various secrets, goodies, and many ensured mind-fucks.
So. Yeah.

Here's a planned timeline of what is to come.
-Finish up Alpha version of map.
-Edit the hell out of Alpha version.
-Huge re-texture of most things (I like the hallway though, nice and basic).
-Some more detail.

December to February:
-Work on some of the different level selections, possibly finish a few (they will be bare-bones like the current map though)
-Another re-edit of the map
-Various Source SDK problems and probably a crash that sets me back a bit.
-A REAL build of the mod, not just putting the maps in Half-Life 2.
-Custom Textures (Possibly)
-Custom Models (I SAID POSSIBLY)
-Custom Ambiance and Sounds (OK THAT'S ENOUGH, ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME!?!)

After that...
I don't know.
I'm not going to go to far with this, don't want to set too high of goals, these are just things I hope to get done.
Maybe a Test build release at some point after February...

Anyway, i'll post some more media later in the week (most likely next week).
For more frequent news (and less interesting news) view my twitter, which hopefully showed up.


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