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To its friends, it is a protector. To you, it'll be a pain to deal with.

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Hello everyone! Got an exciting, if a bit short, update this time. And it's coming at you fast in the shape of a whole new enemy type!

This big lad will serve to test your damage output as it absorbs the hits of any ally within its barrier. Area of Effect is actually fairly effective, as every damage instance is redirected at it, so if you hit 3 of its allies for 20 damage that's a whopping 60 that it takes from that attack. Its role is more or less to try and force you to use your supercharges in case you're getting a bit too complacent in your damage output. Remember, our focus is always on making the player take action, throwing a few meaty fellas at you to keep you on your toes is only fair.

Artwise we've been taking some steps with particles and the like but we're still putting them somewhat on the backburner. It's been an admittedly unfocused week on that front with small progress in many areas, which is still a valid way of developing things every now and then.

That's about what we have for today. As always, be sure to follow our twitter, and we'll see you all next week!

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