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A week has passed and finally there's an update on CSX progress. Changes and improvements listed within, as well as several new screenshots. Enjoy!

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Hit Or Miss?

Well a week has passed and I am shocked to discover the number of hits that this page has received since the initial post. Unfortunately, there wasn't a great deal of feedback from those page hits.

The release date doesn't seem too far off, so long as there's enough support for this mod. The dilemma I continuously face is the thought of spending so much time working on a mod that hardly anyone would want to play, and that one thought is what has kept me from releasing it up to this day. So if there's anyone who likes what they're seeing in this mod and is looking forward to downloading this, do leave a comment so that I know what I'm doing isn't a complete waste of time.

Progress Update

  • Improved the coding technology to pave way for a convenient in-game menu, hence it is now more user-friendly, to the point that anyone can play it (without needing to know about all the config files and folders and mess I made!)
  • Added 39 new maps (only those with great ambience and atmosphere). Bot waypoints included
  • Added 16 new characters with accompanying preview image and descriptions in the player selection menus
  • Changed menu background and motd for a fresher look
  • Added match-style feature in which map changes occur automatically (according to map cycle) once a team wins 10 rounds! Includes sounds, coloured hud messages, and extra rounds if ending in a tie-break.
  • Added more bot personalities and weapon preferences for a more diversified experience
  • Improved "bot throwing grenades" support, to decrease the frequency of bots wasting grenades in the base, while increasing the grenade count (for more explosive mayhem!)
  • Updated the spawn-editor coding for more safer spawning in custom maps
  • Added 59 new hits to the karaoke bar with accompanying lyrics
  • Fixed invisible knife glitch and night elf evasion bugs. Improved the mole system.
  • Cleaned up old remnants of codes, maps and models from CSZ

New Screens!

HE Explosions!

The Power Behind Explosions
The Power Behind Explosions
The Power Behind Explosions

Enhanced Smoke Puffs!

Enhanced Smoke Puffs

Choose Your Knife!

May The Force Be With You
Knife Mode Madness
Choose Your Knife (or chainsaw!)

39 New Maps!

New Maps - Sneak Previews
New Maps - Sneak Previews
New Maps - Sneak Previews
New Maps - Sneak Previews
New Maps - Sneak Previews

Finally, I'd like to ask for everyone's opinion on whether I should continue this mod. Hit or miss?

Stanegor - - 43 comments


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Nicklan - - 193 comments

oldschool hell yes!

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SpookyShadow - - 142 comments


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Hannibal0 - - 186 comments

The mod seems to be very nice, but there is just a little information

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MorbidThirsk Author
MorbidThirsk - - 31 comments

Thanks for the comments guys. I know that there's not much info right now but the more time I spend here is the less time I have working on the mod =/

In the next update, I'll try to add more info.

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_DJ]Matt-Link - - 14 comments

Ahahah its CSO NST with many downloaded plugins!

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