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The evolution is ongoing, the alpha exited and entered the beta, but for a great mod with two people working the delay and development, but we are a step to show the Zone Evolution ™ for SHOC.

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Good morning everyone.

FioritoBr ™:

I will post here today, a major update of the mod, but without going emdetalhes if not will have suffcient lines to write WHAT did in Alpha.

Just left the Alpha and entered the Beta for a team with two people work is being delayed, I do not have time to post a page about the mod here in ModDB. Now that Alpha was finished I think I'll have this time.

In alpha version did an update I have compiled it into the Winrar and gave a sum of 1.7GB out, what was included within these 1.7GB.


A new life, a new design in the area (including mod Shaders by Developer)

Includes Absolute Nature and Absolute Structures.

Includes Shader Fear, created by a Russian developer, it's more in lighting
the environment, and a build up of very large reflections, which will require a computer with settings slightly higher than the original asking Stalker (SHOC).

Increased depth of field.

Directx 9.0.1 added (this directx an increase of Shadows and Reflections more)


Some textures was replaced, but others remain, and did a great texturing.


Ak-74 / 2U - mater original textures, but rebuilding them. What did got more reality and more lighting.

Well this will be What do I will say about the Zone Revolution ™ update for SHOC.
When page ZR for the mod SHOC is posted, there yes, will include all the updates we're doing.

This certainly always obstacles when doing a mod on the X-Ray Engine.
We are going through a difficult several CTD, and we will not release a mod with CTD.
After putting all Shaders, this giving a CTD every 5 minutes, but my ZkkaLuus ™ partner, is already repairing these errors.

These errors appear because of join and modify several shaders together.
But CTD is not our problem more gravel, but the DirectX 9.0.1, but this is giving CTD up even when you open the game, and has since not of, and has since the error, good will focus on Beta now, and already I contacted with some old friends of mine who knows how to solve this problem of DirectX. Now it's wait and see what result we will have on this DirectX 9.0.1.

I'm thinking about making a major change to the maps, add trees, cars, buildings, etc. But ZR's not, then I will leave to do in another Mega mod that I have in mind, my dream and join all three maps STALKERS, launch a story over and modify all maps, add weapons, add new npc's, it seems that this dream can be realized, since my old friends station in active to make mods.

Well that's all for now.

That everyone has a good morning.


FioritoBr ™
ZkkaLuus ™


Good luck :)

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CrazyElf™ Author

Ok . Thanks :)

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