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Here's a small list of what I'm currently working on.

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So, I've been chipping away at 6.0 for a while now. It's gonna be a big patch - not feature wise - but balance and bug-fix wise as well as fixing some cosmetic stuff that I've been putting off for ages (like the misaligned structures, etc.). I also plan to (somewhat) update the AI to handle the mod better.

Because of this it's gonna take a while to finish. And here's a current list of stuff that's in the works:


I've been overhauling the powers for different nations now that all their unique units and buildings have been set. I've made a rating system that gives a total power rating to a nation based on their unique units, unique buildings and powers. It's seems to work pretty well and it's almost finished. I'm also re-balancing a few other aspects of the game like the Patriots and their powers.


I've made 'some' progress with this. I finally managed to find 3 files in which build orders for the AI are written in. They mostly manage how many buildings the AI should build in each city, how many workers it should produce, which tech to research, etc. So mostly economy stuff, but it's better than nothing. Basically I just want the AI to increase its farm limit per city and how many workers it builds. It's daunting, but it's getting there.


I've managed to fix quite a few outstanding issues. Nothing major, but quite a few minor issues have been fixed. Still have to fix the building alignments for the unique buildings. That's gonna be the big hurdle (besides the AI overhaul).


Haven't even started on this yet. It's not that much work but there's quite a few buildings/units that need a graphic tune up. I'll work on this last, once the other stuff is done.

That being said I'm REALLY busy with real world problems right now so, yeah, progress is kinda slow. It's gonna take a while for this update to come out and it will probably be the biggest yet. Maybe it'll even exchange a unique or two but I have only 3 free entries left in the files. I think I've squeezed all I can from this game, without actually changing it's code (which I'm not really allowed to do) so after this update is done, it will be the definitive version of the mod.

After this update, any other updates will only be made based on user feedback (in case a bug needs fixing or there's an outstanding balance issue). Otherwise, it's time to move on to something else. I will probably also make a trailer for this new version before it lands.

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