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For anyone wondering why there's no updates for this in the months ahead, I am working on something new that is required to run certain mods.

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Hey, guys!

You may have noticed there wasn't any updates here in the months since it was created.

I have been working on the FSO source code for some time. My intention: to create a dedicated build for Rekt Galaxies and Fractured Suns, as well as existing mods and campaigns.

It is called the Rekt Galaxies/Fractured Suns build for FSO, or the RGFS build.

Rekt Galaxies/Fractured Suns dedicated build programming shot

As of now, this build is located at GitHub. If you want to get it, follow the instructions there. You need CMake and your development IDE of your choice to build that.

The planned features of this build include:

  • Support for COLLADA, including skeletal animation and inverse kinematics
  • Revamped physics with PhysX, meaning gravity will be re-enabled.
  • Arbitrary defined numbers of mission bounds
  • Volumetric effects
  • Increased limits
  • VR support through OpenVR
  • And many more

When the mod releases, I'd expect this to be merged into the main GitHub repository, and I continue to add features into FSO.

To answer the statement from The E that removing distance checks affect the performance, here is the evidence that this has nothing to do with performance. The following images show that.

Before distance check removal

An image before the distance check was removed.

After distance check removal

An image after the distance check was removed.

There is no change in the frames per second (FPS) display, and there's nothing wrong with that. Now, do you all honestly believe? I am not lying nor joking here, but these images prove it.

Aside from all of this as described here, I have nothing else to say, but stay tuned!

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