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Changes to 1.1 and why it has taken so long, as well as some other assorted words arranged in an informative way.

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Hey guys,

I know we said we'd release the full version of the mod on January 4th, but certain personal issues came up which put modding at the bottom of my priority list, and frankly for a while I just had no desire to do it at all. If anyone wants to complain about it, go right ahead, we won't care though, especially since the beta's been out for almost 2 months.

As for what's left to do, we're still working out a few bugs that have been posted, so if you find them, please continue to post them. We're also putting in some new and redone models that have been started/finished over the last month and a half, so here's a list of the new and redone units as they stand right now (bold means added since last update).

Redone Models/Skins:
-Phalanx Destroyer
-Chaf Destroyer
-Imperial Star Destroyer
-Dominator Star Destroyer
-Syca Bomber
-Song of War red
-Knight Hammer black
-Krsiss Interceptor
-Strike Cruiser
-Golan I,II,III

New Units:
Imperial Remnant:
-A9 Vigilance
-Tector Star Destroyer

New Republic:
-Defender Starfighter

Hapes Consortium:
-Miy'til Bomber
-Nova Cruiser
-Star Home

-Plasma Mortar Tank

Expect pictures soon (probably as soon as tonight), and don't worry about this stuff making it take longer, it hasn't distracted from the other fixes. I'm not going to post a release date for it, but it should be pretty soon.



Really good, waiting for the pictures.

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well i say it is out when it is out i thank you for tacking the time to do this i am curently trying to learn to make models on my own so i know howmuch work it can be. keep up the good work

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great to hear your back into it can't wait to see what you got coming cheers

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But you're still going to finish it right?

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Sounds good.

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