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Explanation for archiving the mod and a break down on what's going on

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A number of people seem disappointed or confused that the mod is archived. I did this for a few reasons.

1. A number of concepts and assumptions were being thrown around. Essentially classified and unverified information was being distributed.
2. To progress the mod faster. A number of people were commenting about preliminary concepts and having to respond to all the questions was taking away time from all our members when time is already constrained as it is. We're not a company, we devote our time when available between school and work, so bear that in mind.
3. I want to promote using the website more. Moddb is great for mods that are nearing completion, but we have an office website & forums, and they have become more active with the archiving of the moddb page.

Now as far as the mod is concerned, I'm not going to release a bunch of details. What I can say is we have a few modelers working on our projects, we have recruited a few new members (Welcome General SGT and Golan), and we have developed our game draft from a poor idea scrapyard to a detailed 30 page information source. We are still refining the ideas and concepts, so I can't release anything as far as that is concerned yet, but I will keep everyone posted.

Position Availability
We are currently doing good and all our positions are filled, but I would like to recruit the community for art concepts. If you would like to contribute to the mod by submitting your artwork, upload a picture to your moddb profile and link us to it in our comments section. Any concept art that is used will have full credit given to the artist/author.

I want to see what the community can come up with for concepts for the following units/structures:

Nod - Fist of Nod / GDI - Mobile Weapons Factory
Nod - Devil's Claw: A modified second-war limpet drone that disables/immobilizes any vehicle it attaches to.
GDI - Sentinel - A Modified Second War Mobile EMP Vehicle that can reverse the polarity in its distributors to produce a Shield around allied units

Lоnerboner - - 8,303 comments

Well, thats a shame to hear but i have fait in this mod! Keep it up and we wont disturb you.

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staticblast - - 26 comments

Aye, that's reasonable enough. Good Luck!

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bobian414 - - 230 comments

I can work on sentinel and/or devil claw drone concept art. PM me

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The-Light - - 282 comments

So closing the windows, but you continue on the mod?

Good luck

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CadianConscript - - 3,116 comments

Best of luck guys... always a sad moment when mods go down. I hope you`ll eventually find some time to return this mod in the active section. `twas damn fine work!

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dta.Osiris - - 304 comments

After reading this I can understand the archiving. It's a huge mod and needs to have a solid base before considering new stuff. You guys had some great stuff, I'll be keeping an eye on it on your website.

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