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A short update on Night of Legacy's development. This includes engine updates, scripts and model updates.

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I think it's about time we write the first update on Night of Legacy!

Leadwerks 3 had a pretty big update which included a landscape editor, which will be very handy for our team considering that our game will be reasonably open world. However, this update also meant that our test map was rendered incompatible and we had to work to fix this.

Something we are also working on is the physics system. Night of Legacy will feature interactive environments that will allow you to pick up small objects, open and close windows, etc. Think of the first Amnesia game and the interactive physics it had.

Torches are also playing a big part in the game world, and you will be able to pick them up to use as light sources, or light them when attached to a wall socket. This is a feature that is already working in our current alpha, which we are looking to expand upon.

Furthermore we are also happy to have a new artist on our team. She will be helping us out with the character designs, among other things. She has already started sketching out a couple of monster concepts for the game, and we're looking for the best way to make the monsters both scary and tie into the story.

Lastly, our character modeler / animator has been busy with creating the first walk cycle of our main character. This will function as a prototype for us to use while we code the animation. The player will be able to see his own body, and we would like the arms and hands to respond to things such as picking up items, opening / closing doors etc. But of course, it will take us quite a while before we reach that stage.

As you can probably tell, we still have a long road ahead of us, but progress is going at a steady pace nonetheless.

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