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Already have to show something for you! Worked and tweaked on the thirdperson code and set up the fixed camera.

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+++ Quick update! +++ Just 3 new Screens arrived..

She actually wields a gun, hide your kids!She actually wields a gun, hide your kids!
She actually wields a gun, hide your kids!

Hello World!

I've worked and tweaked a bit on the thirdperson code. Also, I wanted to show the Look-And-Feel of this Modification. Enjoy! Note: View in HD & Fullscreen to see some nice Mirror Effects!

Originally, I wanted to spawn the player in thirdperson_mayamode and use the point_viewcontrol's camera angles I placed in my maps. But there's an odd error, because the point_viewcontrols angles will be overriden by the cam-offset from the thirdperson mode.
But I've found a quick and good solution: Instead of spawning the player in thirdperson, I let him live in firstperson mode but let the Source Engine draw his 3rd person model. The cam setup is now only realized by point_viewcontrols, triggered in order where the player goes to.

The animations of the 3rd person model are not really pretty, I'll have to tweak and add things to the animation code anyway.

Finally, the players movement speed is hardcoded in, but can be changed through ConVars if I want to (i.e. speed up the player if he has to escape something, or slow him down for scripted horror sequences).

Remember to check out some screenshots:

Basic Movement / Look-And-FeelBasic Movement / Look-And-Feel
Basic Movement / Look-And-Feel

... and 2 more in the gallery!

I'm working hard on this, stay tuned!


NICE,like i am again in 90 :D

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aereton Author

hopefully you didn't mean the graphics! =P

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