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Check out the new city themed map for the only BR/Survival mod for Doom!

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Download version 0.96b!

Hey all! I am still working hard at refining the gameplay for the next map - Survival Instincts, It's crazy how much the mod has changed over time. The addition of the PvPvE element made the gameplay so much more intense. The feedback has been great! It is nearing completion, and I expect it to be within the next couple of weeks. I may release a 0.99b before 1.0, and it would include BHR14...

The map features a 24 hour day/night cycle, choppers, motorcycles, skyscrapers, enemy mechs, robots, all kinds of traps, enemy drops, item drops, secrets....and so much more awesome content! Most of the items are random, and most of the enemies are random too. I am truly proud of bringing this concept from my mind and into Doom. There is so much to this map, I truly believe it is one of the most unique DM maps you will ever play. It can be played on LMS as well, like the rest of the Brutal Hell Royale maps. I've been burning out on it and it is FUN! Check it out below:

Helipad in BHR14


Atop a Skyscraper

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