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An open discussion at the current state of The Worry of Newport.

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It's alarming to believe that I haven't talked with you all in five years and I developed this modification almost eight years ago. Time has flown by, and my dream as a game developer never really went anywhere. But I'm proud of what I've done, and took the time to download and set up the environment to replay Worry of Newport yesterday. It was then that I noticed something awful that I will touch upon in a second, and it is why I need your help.

For some back story, the development build for Worry of Newport was lost in a RAID failure due to a storm. I wasn't careful with the surge protection of that PC so long ago, and that was that. I have to this day zero ability to modify or patch or edit Worry of Newport without completely remaking it from the ground up, and that would take a considerable amount of time and polish given the limitations of the engine and how difficult it was to make Triptych in such a polished vain, which in and of itself needs patching soon.

The bugs are as follows;

1: It is incredibly difficult to get the mod to work, and it was only by a stroke of luck -- and having zero other mods installed -- that it did. I think it is due to the ancient file structure used to make it, a bug Triptych did not have.

2: All of the diary pages come up as blank, black textures. Does this happen to you, too?

3: The volume mixing is out of control, with various lines being raw and amped and others quiet as the wind. This is technically an easy fix for me, but I want to know if it effects you as well?


I was basically set to experience my sophomore mod and instead I got blank book pages, horrific audio balancing issues and numerous installation quirks that frustrated me -- and I made it! Sadly without any means to patch it, only a remake can even be considered, but that would have to wait until 2019 -- after Shadow of the Ramlord releases, and Triptych - Reveries of Sarcon is conceptualized, developed, and released. So I'm making this post to gather some feedback. What would you like to see? Is a remake (In Crysis 1 again, mind you.) something you'd like to see? Do you have the book or audio bugs?

Thanks for taking the time, and I hope to speak to you all soon more about this once this article goes live -- in the comments below.

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