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Today the Battlefield 1918 Mod Development Team is proud to announce a new trailer which showcases some of the new features found in the upcoming 3.4 release of Battlefield 1918! Among these new features include often requested new animations!

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Greetings and welcome everyone to the latest news update regarding Battlefield 1918! We of the Battlefield 1918 Mod Development Team are proud to show off some of the new features of the upcoming 3.4 release, some of which have been long requested by the community.

One such feature has been the request by our fans for new and improved animations, and today we are happy to showcase a few examples. It is first worth noting that while several new animations have been made, some of the most prominent are reload animations for some of our pistols and revolvers as you can see below:

Battlefield 1918 Animation 01 small

Battlefield 1918 Animation 07 small

Battlefield 1918 Animation 06 small

Of course it isn't just side arms that are getting this attention either, as players will also find that grenades have had their animations improved as well:

Battlefield 1918 Animation 02 small

Battlefield 1918 Animation 04 small

Battlefield 1918 Animation 03 small

Battlefield 1918 Animation 05 small

With this all in mind you may want to see some of these new animations in a higher resolution, as well as have a look at some of the other new features coming to Battlefield 1918, and for that we also have a new trailer:

With what has been revealed so far we of the Battlefield 1918 Mod Development Team hope you are looking forward to this latest release as much as we are, though we should also mention that we have very big news coming very soon, which will easily be one of the biggest new features added to the mod yet. It can safely be said that this has been another often requested feature of our mod and one that we believe our fans will find especially intriguing. Though we will leave you guessing as to what it is for now. Rest assured we can guarantee that this next bit of news will be well worth the wait. Until then have a good one, and a special thanks to all our fans!

Marek33 - - 3,891 comments

Excellent work with the animations, and I'm also looking forward to the release!

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SPi-99 - - 786 comments

Good to see this mod is still alive!

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Apollon007 - - 84 comments

Grand! Looking forward to this

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hanss1993 - - 138 comments

Impressive and outstanding animals design, which makes the old classic game shining again!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
callofduty123 - - 48 comments

Is there really people playing this ?

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strauchdieb - - 9 comments

Hello BF1918 team, would it be possible to make the Xmas1918 minimod compatible again?
The last version (xmas1918 v.2017) is only compatible with BF1918 3.1. Not with v.3.3.

It would be great if you could fix that for 3.4.
My server is currently running on BF1918 3.1 again.

If the downloads should be dead I can upload the xmas1918 v.2017 again.

Thank you.

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Andrey15 - - 270 comments

I would like to make this mod an addon to the current bf1918, but so far my hands have not reached it. We will try to do something about it in the future

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.executioner. - - 86 comments

are these "explosions" or dust?

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