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A game that takes you back to World War II. But not to fight. To find a way back home.

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ZOONO, A side-scroller (Platformer), action, adventure, Puzzle pc-game. with at least 12 episodes, produced by ONE PERSON TEAM.

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ZOONO is a computer game made using the UNREAL ENGINE.

In this game, the player, as a scientist who, after building a time machine, goes to the past to complete a mission, must return to his time machine and return to the present.

This game includes steps that require skill and thinking.

The stages of the game are so diverse and attractive that each challenge is considered a new game.

ZOONO is designed to keep the player excited and fresh until the end of the game and is always waiting for a new event.

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The game takes place at a time when ninety years have passed since World War II and the war has ended with the rise of the Fascist Party.

The world is dominated by that party. The year is 2030.

A scientist succeeds in building a time machine and decides to go back to the time of the war in order to somehow disable the German ballistic missiles that led to their victory.

He moved to the end of World War II and near Berlin.

The German soldiers do not find him but take the time machine with them.

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The story scientist is hiding somewhere in the grassland near Berlin and is known as an alien.

The Nazis are trying to launch a large number of ballistic missiles to different parts of the world, which, if they happen, will end the war in their favor.

From now on, while saving his life, he must fulfill his mission and look for the place where the time machine is kept.

During the game, he has tools that he can use. But his limitation as a scientist is that he cannot use weapons directly.

Tools such as a shifter (which can move him to a place near him), a Time Slower, a hand-held time machine (which can move him and a part of the world around him for a limited time, in the time), and an electric shocker.

In the continuation of the game, he faces another person who decides another fate for him.

A person who also came from the future, but from a more distant future, 2060, and was arrested and tortured by the Germans.

The second person explains that he managed to find plans to build a time machine (which is related to the past) and after building it, go back to the history of World War II.

His goal is to disable the German war machine, the German ballistic missiles that led to their victory.

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But he could not personally stop the Germans. Because the greater the distance between the time we are in and the time we travel to it, the harder and more limited the changes become. So he travels to wartime with a plan to disrupt the missile system to guide the story scientist who has just traveled to that time.

Since he came from a distant future, he knew that the story scientist would travel there at the same time, and he also knew all the points and secrets of the path ahead. So at the right time, he explains his mission to our scientist and asks him to complete his unfinished mission.

But things do not go as planned and the return plan fails.

Now the scientist must find a way to return to his time in addition to destroying the missiles.

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