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The KW Reloaded mod is now for both C&C3 and KW in two separate versions.

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I know it has been tough for me to get through this delay. For some of you guys waiting for the 1.0 release for this mod, I have another piece of news to tell you. As it turns out, this mod for C&C3 may not get what it deserves despite some difficulties, technical issues as well as coding incompatibilities. However, now that the KW Mod Sdk is out (which is the WrathEd tool), I have decided that this mod shall not relocate to become a complete Kane's Wrath mod, but I am also letting you know that I will be working on a KW Reloaded mod version for Kane's Wrath. There will be a double release for this mod, one for C&C3 and one for KW. The one for C&C3 is still planning for a release as a delta version 1.1 coming probably at the end of this year. This time the latest version of the mod will not have the new ingame music because the music I had integrated earlier for beta version 0.7 was just too big for a C&C mod.

The one for KW will be a much smaller mod with no new music, no new KW units and no new AptUI because most of the KW stuff are there. It will be released as a full version 2.0 also at the end of this year. The WrathEd tool will support almost every modding asset into the modding field, but the coding settings are very much different from the ones in the C&C3 Mod SDK and the RA3 Mod SDK.

I have made the following proposed changes for KW Reloaded 2.0 for KW. All the recent changes mentioned for this mod earlier will be applied to the KW version of the mod, except for the following:
- All walls will be built for all nine factions. Since KW did not have Nod and Scrin wall models, they have to be added in.
- Some C&C3 structures that did not exist in KW will be added in.
- Engineer Capture Delay will be decreased by a second. (if only if it works)
- Tiberium Spike gains 15 credits per second after capturing it by an Engineer.
- All Barracks will heal infantry in three seconds. Medical Bay will retain that effect to all GDI infantry.
- All refineries will cost 2000 in 25 seconds and use up 10 power. All Harvesters (except the ones in sub-factions) will cost 1400/14. Selling cost to all refineries remains at 300 credits.
- All Redeemers will have their Rage Generator effect last longer than the previous one.
- Black Hand will retain the Purifier and the Mantis. Banshee will be built for that sub-faction.
- Marked of Kane will have the Militant Squad to build, the Awakened will be built as tier-2 and the Enlightened will be built as tier-3.
- Marked of Kane will not have Fanatics, Scorpion Tank and Beam Cannon to be built.
- Reaper-17 will retain the Forcefields upgrade and the Shielded Harvester and Traveler-59 will not retain the shielded units including aircraft.
- Traveler-59 will not have a Mechapede and a Manta to build but will have a Devourer Tank to build with. Scrin will not have a Mechapede to build but will have a Manta to build with.

*memory-on-Goldberg* - - 492 comments

cool! im looking forward. :)

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[ITM]hammie - - 223 comments

cant wait till next releace

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damarjati - - 25 comments

what about unit upgrade like AP round, EMP grenade, particle beam, and so on??

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