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We are down but not out. Several changes in the staff have been made and we are gathering assets and ave set a release date for 2015. Yeah that'll be a while but we can't compete with Elder Scrolls and Deus Ex.

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It has been over a year since our last update, and I, Ian Andrew Moats, Project Leader, apologize for this. We have completed 6 levels and many staff changes have been made (we cut ties with all other members and are now down to two). Development has been slow, really slow. We have not recorded any audio and are currently working on weapon and character models. We are also gathering marketing assets (screen shots, demo, etc.). Our next update will be in 2 1/2 years, yes I said YEARS. Sites like this one are distracting to a developer, and we are trying to avoid them at all cost. We are working on a game proposal document to present to a publisher so we will have sufficient funding (wish us luck). This game is NOT dead, it is still very much alive. We are creating it as we are learning in school (we both go to IADT Online) and so far things are looking bright. Thank you for the support and we promise to deliver a worthwhile gaming experience. We set a release date for 2015 so if the world doesn't end next year (haha just joking) then keep an eye out for our new website (launch for site should be on 2013).

P.S. to all those who think this game is taking too long and would be better off dead, think about Too Human. It was suppose to release on the PS1, at least we aren't taking that long!

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