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"When Mr. Bilbo Baggins of Bag End announced that he would shortly be celebrating his eleventy-first birthday with a party of special magnificence, there was much talk and excitement in Hobbiton..."

Perhaps a week or so short of Bilbo's birthday, I've decided I simply cannot wait any longer to release the new patch for LoME! This patch was promised as far back as May, but I simply was not confident enough, nor did I have the free time, to release anything. Today I've decided to update the mod, in hopes of addressing many, many bugs and issues in the game.

This update includes the addition of dozens of new models, texture updates, new sounds, and various bugs fixes. You can check out the change log within the game for a comprehensive list of all the updates. Of course, there is still much work left to do, and bug searching is never done. I would not be surprised to see even a plain bug to go right over my head!

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First things first! To compensate for the long expected patch here today, the new update features several new levels for the RoTK campaign, and one or two updated scenarios in the prior campaigns. The issues presented in the previous release (unselectable campaigns) should be fixed! That was a blunder on my part, excluding files that were essential to making the campaigns run. Furthermore, upon playtesting the RoTK levels in the release, the cutscene "The Beacon is Lit" may crash spontaneously. I do not know the cause yet, but to avoid the rest of the campaign from being unplayable, I have included the raw scenarios in the download. To play them, you simply need to select them from the "Load Scenario" option, or look them up in the editor.

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Manwe's techtree

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Updated icons, techs, and history tooltips! Explore the in-game encyclopedia about Tolkien's world!

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Even more touched up models and textures!

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There is a lot of updates to the random map games this time around. Unfortunately, I simply cannot update the ai well enough to work properly. Multiplayer via LAN/Direct IP is still accessible, and I was previously suggesting Hamachi to play with. I address the issue with Hamachi in the previous update, so check it out if you need more preface.


Say hello to Palantir Bot! This little assistant will tell you info about the mod for those of you who are in the official Lome Discord, From stats, to trivia, gazing into the Palantir will offer you great knowledge! If you would like to join the Discord, there is an invite link in the header of the mod page!

The bot is still a work in progress, and not terribly comprehensive at the moment. Still, it's a fun side project to work on when I need a break from otherwise modding.

As stated in my last update as well, Lome is always looking for people to help out. Voice work, scripting, you name it. Don't be afraid to message the creator if you are interested. Thanks for playing, and have fun!

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