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I want to put something in place but I want you opinion !

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I was questionning myself about something.

Actually I would like to simulate the divisions experience/veterancy when operation Overlord give a go.

The actual system I would put in the units stats would be this.

For each year the division have been in combat, she would gain 5% more moral and accuracy.

in example:

1st US Infantry Division [1942-1944]+10% Moral,+10% Accuracy
3rd Canadian Infantry Division [1944]No gain

This is base from the moment they start combat to D-Day.

The other one would add all the years they spent preparing for war.

2nd example:

1st US Infantry Division [1939-1944]+25% Moral,+25% Accuracy
3rd Canadian Infantry Division [1941-1944]+15% Moral,+15% Accuracy

Or just not giving any kind of bonus for veterancy.

All that add to the actual country bonus/weakness(I'm working on this).

Want your opinions ! Give me comments about what would be the best choice !


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