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Here I will tell you about the project, myself and then I will give you answers to some common questions and what not.

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Hello, crafty here.
My project is aimed at giving you a wider and expanded side of being a king and ruling your realm.
I intend to create new intrigue decisions, new events, new traits, tweaks and features.

I'm currently developing the mod by myself and I'm desperately looking for anyone who want's to be apart of the mod and help me make it larger.

I'm familiar with the scripting for CK2 as I have made a mod for HoI3. I'm still trying to figure out certain things like decions and events and that is what I need help with the most.

Now for some questions:

Q: Why did you create this mod?
A: I wanted to give you a better experience once you become king.

Q: Why do you work alone?
A: I don't want to work alone, I didn't gather my own dev team before making the mod which most people do, but I do need more people to help me.

Q: When will the first release come out?
A: I have released a preview in the meantime while you wait, but as of now I'm struggling with some of the scripting parts and I'm looking for help, so until I know how to script this specific part then 0.1 won't be released. But expect somewhere in the end of January or mid February.

Q: What makes you think you can compete with the larger mods like Game of Thrones or Elder Kings?
A: I don't want to compete, I like their mods, I truly do. But I wanted to keep the vanilla game but add things that CK2 didn't have, I have always been disappointed with the lack of options when ruling as a king.

Q: I can help you make the mod, but how do I sign up?
A: Send me a PM here on Moddb and tell me what you can do to help.

Q: I encountered a bug while playing, what do I do?
A: At the moment we do not have a Bug tracker so just leave a comment at the download or PM me about it.

Q: How much work do you do everyday?
A: I do my studies first then I work on the mod for about 4 hours.

Q: Who created the art for the mod?
A: I made it myself, some of it I got permission to use in the image, so parts of the image is my own work and other parts are made by others.

Q: I have some cool artwork pieces I made, can you use them in your mod to sponsor me?
A: Yes I can, I'm currently looking for loading splash screen to replace vanilla ones, And if you do contribute your artwork you will also be apart of the mod and it's listed credits.

Q: I want to suggest something to be added to the mod, where do I post my suggestions?
A: I will see to making a forum available for the AKC community where I will post a suggestion thread and a bug thread and so on.

Q: What do you study?
A: I study media, that is film, digital creations. (Photoshop, Premiere, Indesign, After Effects)

Q: Then why are you a modder?
A: I have other hobbies besides making videos, I love scripting and modding, so that's your answer.

Q: I cannot find your mod anywhere on the Paradox forum, Why?!
A: I do not support the ideas of the Paradox forums, that's why I do not intend posting my mod on it. I will not get into depth why I do not like their forums on this article.

Q: This mod sucks, you do things that I could do on my own!
A: That isn't a question, so it doesn't belong on a FAQ. But to answer your critic, I'm not the creator of Darthmod, I'm not Jesus or God, I cannot make a huge mod on my own. And this mod is still in development which means it isn't even done yet, so you have no right to critize me like that.

Q: What events do you plan on adding?
A: I always thought CK2 lacked historical events besides the few ones that happen. I wanted to add historical battles happening at an exact point through gameplay. I'm thinking of making one historical battle event to 0.1 but that is only if my mind can deal with such a script at the moment.

Q: Can I take your mod and make it my own?
A: What do you think? No, you have to ask me for permission to modify it in anyway.

Q: How active are you?
A: Overactive, I post screenshots almost everyday, I mod everyday, I refresh my mod page about 200 times a day, to check if more people have found my mod. (I'm pathetic :> ) So I would say I'm more than active.

Q: I would like to hang and chill with you dude.
A: Ehrm... Okay... You can reach me on my steam: jim3323 or skype: jim3323 and also here on moddb.

Q: What do you need most of all?
A: More people to help me make the mod, specifically, scripters, 2D artists and a community manager.

Q: Is this mod going to be compatible with versions below 2.0.2 and 2.0.3?
A: Well, no. I made this mod cause I thought that the mods that did the same thing as this one was not compatible with the newer versions of CK2, so I made a new mod to do just that.

Q: What type of content can we expect from version 0.1?
A: The features of 0.1 is posted here on moddb: Features, however these are only the planned features and may not be 100 percent accurate with the final release.
Expect new traits, new decisions, maybe new events, building tweaks, trait tweaks, more court positions and other tweaks.

Q: Do I need expansions to play this mod?
A: I haven't tested playing the mod without expansions but I would say with a 80 percent certainty that yes, you do need every DLC (The major ones only, expansions etc) to play this mod.

Q: Will you have your own installer so I don't have to manually extract the files to the mod folder?
A: We'll see about doing that on version 0.2, As I have no experience making CC+ installers.

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