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More good news about They Hunger Again development is come. I want to report about it and tell you more about game maps.

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Hi all!

More good news about They Hunger Again development is come. I want to report about it and tell you more about game maps.

A big job is done!

Yesterday I’ve finished the geometry and texturing of all They Hunger maps. Our team member CreaseInTime is still working on some maps, but, generally, this part of job is done. So, our remake is consists from 9 maps (as in original mod):

1. Startup area, catacombs and graveyard

This is the most first map, where player is falling down into the water and then makes its way throught underground catacombs and graveyard.

2. Church area

In this map, player reaches Rockwell graveyard church and active gameplay (zombies killing:) is started here. This screenshot is taken from church area.

3. Church basement area

This map are the next one, after player escapes from flooded area in catacombs. You must make your way throught zombies, walking at the Rockwell graveyard church basement. This screenshot is taken from basement area.

4. Nature area and a small cabin

An area where player finds out a broken police car and a small cabin within the rocky area (spoiler: sorry, there will be no man inside the toilet—just have no time to add it:)

5. Cave area

Player makes his way through the large cave and fighting zombies in the water. This screenshot is taken from cave area.

6. Devli’s Rift

In this map, player reaches the volcano named “Devils Rift” which is actually begins to erupt. Burn dammit zobies with lava! This underwater screen and this volcano is actually from Devil’s Rift :)

7. Inside the volcano

Make your way through the volcano. Lava and zombies—what a pretty coctail!

8. Train

GTFO the volcano on the vintage-styled locomotive. Bullets or metal wheels—you choose! One more new screenshot with map geometry.

9. Rockwell

“Oh, my god Lord!” - the last scream of Rockwell police-station officer, recorded to telephone logs. Now you know that there is no escape …

Notice, that I purposely not posting a new screenshots, because game is small and, if I’d post everything here now, so there will be no surprise for you at game release! I will replace existing screenshots with refreshed ones, when some models or shaders will be added on next step.

In comments to this mod, I’ve been asked about changes to maps looking and athosphere. Thanks to our follower Jaayu28 comment, where he noticed that remake atmosphere is fine, so I have no worries about this. And what about maps? - you may ask. Generally, they will look the same as in original, but Source Engine greatly changes their overall appearance (you may also look to BWG Lost Souls screens—they are very different from original) and I’d must to slightly change the size and logic elements of the maps for to improve the development process and save time. But, generally, you must don’t worry about this—we doing everything for you to be satisfied!

The next step is adding 3D-models to the maps. This is one more routine path to the mod happy ending. It’s hard step, mainly because own-making of quality models is taking a lot of time—we don’t have a separate 3D-modeller - I do them by myself and, also, must to buy ones from web stocks which is a something expensive for me. You can really help to mod development, by donate 1$ at our website — this small money will help me to buy some models from stocks of 3D-artists, which improves overall quality (and save some nerves to me.)

I’ll post some models at the next report. So, keep in touch and help if you can.

Roman Lenko,
project coordinator.


Excellent news! :D

I'd donate a little bit, but I only use Paypal :(

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romadoma Author

Thanks, friend for your tracking and trying to donate something. Your comment makes me change this dammit Liqpay checkout system, that is only available in our country (no PayPal for now.) Never mind the money, - track in the mod, if you're interested - that is good enough support you can give us now!

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romadoma, does your country support Patreon? That might be a good idea to check out.

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romadoma Author

No Patreon for my country. Not in this life. Just never mind it :)

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