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This week you show you a feel for the space that is the living room and kitchen of the house that the players will have access to.

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The house is starting to take shape. We have been working on the past version of the house, the one that is situated in the 90’s.

Most of the objects are already modelled. You can see in the images below how they will fit into the house.

Captura de ecr 2021 07 14 2022

Captura de ecr 2021 07 14 2024 2

Captura de ecr 2021 07 14 2027

Since we are trying to convey the feeling of nostalgia, we are adding objects that most people from that time could recognise. These are only a few that can be found in the game.

Captura de ecr 2021 07 14 2036

Captura de ecr 2021 07 14 2037

We still have all textures to make, but having most objects on their place within the walls of the house already gives a sense of the space that the player will have access to.

Captura de ecr 2021 07 14 2021

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