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Kickstarter Update #42, 90 days, 69 Updates!! Thanks for your patience! We are working hard to make the release date of the full game as soon as possible.

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Dear backers,

Thanks for your patience! We are working hard to make the release date of the full game as soon as possible.

As you have probably noticed, the price of C-Wars increased from around $7 to $13. After delivering 69 updates in about 90 days on steam, we have significantly improved C-Wars’ gaming experience. We are now keeping our pace of Daily Build updates on Steam. The final price might be higher than our initial estimation in the KS campaign due to the fact we are constantly adding content and updates to the game.

We welcome you to join our Steam forum to share your thoughts about the game. We are listening to your suggestions to ensure we make the best game possible! You can also follow us on twitter @onipunks for daily in-game animations updates.

Let's see what we have done for the past 30 days.

I- New Heroes

1- Mecano

Pretty bad-ass Melee character full of stamina. Let's hit some mutant-homeruns with him!

2- Sara

A deadly assassin from the Cyber-Lover army. You certainly don't want to mess with her.

II- Features we've restored/fully tested/implemented

1- Visualization of Grid

Now you can enable this hologram grid marker to make your life easier.

2- Tutorial system

We have put as many tutorials as we can to into the game to help players dive right into C-Wars. Use the Steam Redeem code we've sent you to try the tutorial mode in the game. You will be surprised how many things there is to learn in C-Wars.

We've also separated the Tutorial from the main game to allow experienced players to get right into the action. However, we strongly recommend completing the tutorial to see what C-Wars has to offer.

3- Story

We would like to introduce Matthew Ritter, the latest member of our team! He is a professional writer and (with artist Adam Elbahtimy) co-creator for Nova Phase, a sci-fi Western rendered entirely in 8-bit pixel glory. He is also creator of the amazing game Boon hill.

Matthew is working with Onipunks to make sure we are telling the story right.

We are progressing at a steady rate with the story mode script. The dialog of the first Chapter of the game is almost done. Most of the game’s scenarios have already been laid out so it is just a matter of time before we finish the scripts for them.

4- Ammo tweaking

A few players expressed concern about limited ammo within the game. It is no longer an issue!

*SPOILER ALERT* Guns in C-Wars are holographic rationalizations. Why not ammo?

We now have an unlimited Ammo system in the game. As long as you have functional gun, you are free to SHOOT'EM ALL UP!

5- Broken gun

In order to balance the unlimited ammo system, your gun will require maintenance otherwise they will break. In order to repair your guns, you will need to pick up disks.

6- Looting

Looting will play a super important role in the game. We have increased the drop rate and enemies may sometimes drop multiple items if you meet certain criteria such as performing a large combo on the enemy.

Some examples of item drops include Food [which will increase your HP and XP], Disks [for gun repairing] and Coins [Money!]

More types of drops will be added in the future, stay tuned!

7- Food

Food plays a huge part in C-Wars. You can't level up without it. SOT [your personal hologram assistant] will help you to absorb the energy in the food so you can consume as much as you can and gain experience and level! Yeah, the Luna world is a harsh one. We all have to eat to become stronger.

8- Disk

Ah... The 5 inch floppy disk... Isn't it awesome?

People don't mention this technological wonder anymore, but we always have had a soft spot for them. Disks are retro, cool and elegant and we wanted to have them in C-Wars.

Old civ's enthusiasts may have saved special hacking codes on the disk. Pick them up and use them to repair your gun.

9- New units

Discover their abilities in the game, and beat'em!

Tomb Raider



III- What's next?

1- Daily build update

We love our fast pace strategy game. We also love this fast pace development rhythm. Each update will only require you to download a small update patch rather than the whole game.

2- Story!

We are excited to share the adventure with you!

3- Buying units

The in-game store will be done in a very short time.

That's about it!

Thanks for your support.

For more information about C-Wars, please

- Use the redeem key to play the game on Steam:
- Join the Steam forum
- Follow us on Twitter
- Subscribe our Youtube channel
- Keep an eye on our IndieDB page


Team ONI

Ericthemookslayer - - 205 comments

Those decapitations though. Looks cool as hell, watching.

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The Death enemy looks cool as hell

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