I really appreciate all the feedback that I get and have made some good progress the last days.

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Status on development 69%

- Musical team for this mod now consist of Sclera, davidka91, Blakluma and I.
Contact either from the team if you have quality input on how to ensure the best musical score possible.
- I have spend the last couple of days on weapon sounds to ensure that they have crisp and good quality.
- All weapon sounds have been synchronized to match their respective animations (which I have altered).
- All silencer versions have been asigned unique sound effects that varies depending on their caliber.
- It takes a great amount of time to implement just a single new weapon to a mod properly.
Since this aspect has grown to much larger proportions that what I originally had planned for
I have a lot to deal with here but I am doing my best to keep the completion counter rolling anyhow.
Thanks to all who contribute to my development and gives general feedback!
Regards, Aaroe

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Good:) Keep it up :)

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Good number.

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