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As the title says version 6 of my Perfected Doom 3 modification is done.

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I'll upload it this weekend so you can expect it very soon. Of course there will be a download delay due to the authorization process. So it my be ready for download at the beginning of next week. I'm also going to update the features list here at ModDB with all the info on what version 6 will have to offer. I'm very excited to let you guys see what I've been up to. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have making it. Remember, this will be a full install of my mod. This will not be a patch to update you from version 5.4 to version 6.0. I chose to do this to get rid of many unneeded files and to clean up some things. Doing this will also allow me to make patches much easier and faster. Expect more features in the later patches.

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so will we need to delete 5.4 then download all of version 6?

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Would I be able to extract the Sikkmod changes from 6.0 and add them to 5.4? I've done so many tweaks of my own now that I'd like to move stuff from 6.0 over to 5.4 piece by piece so I don't lose what changes I've made thus far.

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You can but I've added quite a bit since 5.4 not including the Sikkmod enhancements. So you've got your work cut out for you.

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