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Perfected Doom 3 version 6.0 is near completion. Although I won't get all of the features that I wanted into this release expect them in the following patches. I just want to get something out for you guys to play with.

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Everything's in place except for the map stuff and balancing the machinegun's new secondary fire mode. That shouldn't take long. Just need to add the double barrel to some more maps and remove the Barons from the final map. I've made a new secondary fire mode for the machinegun that fires a homing bullet that does 10 times the damage amount of the normal machinegun round but has a slower fire rate and uses 10 rounds per shot. I need to do a little more balancing to make this secondary mode fit the game better. What do you think about reducing the machinegun's clip size to 60 and reducing it's max ammo count to suit the new clip size? That way you won't have so many chances to use this secondary mode which can bring down all smaller enemies with one well placed shot, and for anybody who thinks that the machinegun is to overpowered it'll take care of that problem too. The homing bullet is really cool because if you fire at their head the bullet finds their head even if they move. The drawback is it has trouble finding them at long range.
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