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A bit of information about what is planned for the future.

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What new/modified units are planned at the moment:

-Mars-Pattern Warhound Titan (Vulcan Mega-Bolters, Inferno Guns, Double Turbo-Lasers, Plasma Blastguns and new Volkite weapons);

- Deredeo Dreadnought (Side mounted Autocannon Batteries, Lascannon Batteries, Hellfire Plasma Cannonades and Volkite Falconets and carapace mounted Missile Launcher);

- Leviathan Siege "Hero" Dreadnought (Both melee and distance, with Siege Drill/Claws, Leviathan Storm Cannon, Cyclonic Melta Lance, Laser Destroyer Array and Graviton Flux Bombard);

- MkIV Mortis Dreadnought (with all weapon choices, from Twin Heavy-Bolters to Plasma Cannon);

- Astraeus Super-Heavy (Side mounted las-rippers, plasma eradicators and turret mounted Macro-Accelerator Cannons, Ancient Conversion Beam Cannons and Adrathic "Supremator" )

- Spartan Assault Tank (Side mounted Quad Lascannons and hull mounted Heavy Bolters, superior transport capacity);

- Land Raider Armoured Proteus (Side mounted Twin-lascannons and Hull mounted Heavy Bolters).


any plans for a release date / playable beta? will it be compatible with Ultimate Apocalypse?

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Yatsu_Raima Author

I do not have plans for a release or beta as of currently, as there is a lot to add/replace for a playable and more or less standalone faction.
As for the second question, the mod is developped within UA and units/weapons are balanced compared to others UA factions, so I suppose its going to be a "recommended" mod to play with.

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Nice fellblades been looking for a mod with those for ages.

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