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So, commanders, Christmas are coming, and my exams are gone for a while (combat quite successful). The highest time for report!

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There are good news and bad news (no, I don't stop working :P). Let's start with bad ones.

Lost contact with 3D artist.

Do you remember what I wrote about 3D artist whose wanted to help me? Well... I lost contact with him. I still try, maybe he'll return.

No OST today...

But don't think that it'll last long... more tracks are ready, but Kirk needs to upload them, and I need to check it.

All right, good informations are:

My 3D skills are increasing

Some weeks ago I've started fanpage on Facebook, where sometimes I publish my hobby-Gameart, not always connected with "Imperial Operations". I would be very happy if you would like to subscribe and share my work via Facebook:

I got C# programmer to the team

His knowledge about programming is quite similar like mine, maybe a bit higher, but he has an advantage over me - he does ONLY programming. Well, I am more like "one-man orchestra", because I'm used to work alone, I like to have control over everything and I like learning that stuff.

What you can expect next article?

Well, some concrete show and a bit more of code responsible for mechanics. We want to improve formation system, which I've prototyped some days ago:

Other things are for example:
- basic command "attack" - enemy objects and an option of shooting terrain.
- implementation of Hover Tank - animations, levitation over ground, shooting sounds, maybe textures.

See you soon and happy Christmas!


Sad to hear of the bad news but good news is good! I also would like so nice a tree in my house with many gifts under it! Merry Christmas and to all! ^_^

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