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A upcoming look at 3.3

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So for those who have been following, the weapons of pre-mannconomy have started to trickle in. We're also pleased to announce we have more heading your way with the next content update. As normal though if anything seems broken please report it here or in our discord so we can fix things as quick as possible.

added sticky jumper
added rocket jumper
added powerjack
added degreaser
added ubersaw
added the jag
added the gloves of running urgently
added the killing gloves of boxing
added the blutsauger

A lot of these come courtesy of our tiny community, mainly from the user Eshy752 who did a bulk of the initial work on some of them with Bachingo and Ego fixing and refining them. Look forward to 3.3 in the near future and don't forget gamenight this week on saturday

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