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327BC Research and Development: Regions and Map. These are the settlements i have so far, let me know if there's any I should add

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=Ahichhatra-Large City, Former Capital of the conquered Panchala
=Bairat-A Center of Buddhist learning
=Barbarikon-A prominent seaport, wealthy through trade
=Bharhut-A Center of Buddhism
=Bharukaccha-Shipbuilding center and a major seaport, wealthy through trade
=Dandakaranya-capital of the of Danda Kingdom, surrounded by a great jungle, inhabited by the fierce and cannibalistic Rakshasa tribes
=Dvaraka-A sacred city, surrounded by a swamp and then a large wall, very wealthy
=Golabai-Boat Building Center
=Kushasthalipura-An ancient temple town, the former capital of the North Kosala Kingdom
=Mahishmati-{City or Large City}-Mahishmati was the most important city in the southern part of the Avanti kingdom, and later served as the capital of the Anupa Kingdom
=Naimisha-Capital of a Sacred Forest
=Paudanyapura/Potana, the former capital of the Ashmaka before its conquest by the Nanda
=Sravasti Nagari-One of the largest cities in India, lots of agriculture, old capital of Kosala
=Sopara- An ancient port town and the capital of the ancient Aparanta. An important port in western India
=Taxila-"wealthy, prosperous, and well governed"
=Ujjain-{Large or Huge City}- "was one of the earliest outposts in central India" and showed signs of early incipient urbanisation around 700 BCE. The most prominent city on the Malwa plateau of central India for much of its history. It emerged as the political centre of central India around 600 BCE. It was the capital of the ancient Avanti kingdom. It remained an important political, commercial and cultural centre of central India until the early 19th century
=Uparkot Fort
=Viratpur, an important city


Basic layout of North India

List of Ancient Janapadas and Mahajanapadas and their respective capitals




Earlier Rajgriha, later Patliputra(so both cities to be included)


Capitals at Kusinara and Pawa










Indraprastha & Hastinapur




Ahichhatra(Uttara Panchala) and Kampilya( Dakshina Panchala)






Ujjaini and Mahishmati




Capital at Rajapura in modern-day Kashmir



South Indian moovendar region will need separate research

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The time-period 327bc ,very little is known about southern indian kingdoms.One such kingdom is Asmaka ,via wiki it's been stated that it existed between 700bce to 4/5 century bce and according to puranas it was conquered by nanda dynasty.
So should asmaka be a different mahajanapada or be included in Nanda faction itself?
And my next question is ,as very little is known about southern kingdoms,should south indian territory be included at all in grand campaign map?

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KingKorgoth Author

Those are good points, and I'm not sure about Asmaka. I've been mostly focusing on the main mod so I've done very little research into this time period, I read somewhere that the Nanda kingdom conquered them but for gameplay purposes it would be better to keep them as a separate faction since Nanda takes up a large portion of the starting map and Maurya needs a chance against them, I'll need to do more research though

Since the early focus of this mod is Alexander the Great/Porus/Nanda/Maurya, I thought about obscuring the rest of the map with a permanent fog, however I would like to leave room for a late game expansion of the Maurya and the Kalinga War.

Since we don't have a lot of details about the south though they won't have nearly as many regions as the north, and though I would like to have faction unique units, most factions will have to be pretty similar until I can come up with units and faction differences that make sense

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and Mr Guest

South Indian kingdoms of this period are the 3 Moovendars
There are sources for sangam age(this era is called sangam age of Tamil literature
... The land of south India back then was called Tamilakam indicating the dominance of Tamil in that period)...I'm pretty sure a Little research will reveal some historical places

If my assertion turns out to be wrong then we always have a scope for reducing the campaign map

As for asmaka Mahajanapada,the game will start with the province of Asmaka under Nanda rule....u can check the net for Nanda dynasty...there u can see paudharayanapura(or potana in some sources) under Nanda rule

The Puranas state that the Nanda king Mahapadma destroyed the Kshatriyas, and attained undisputed sovereignty. The Kshatriyas said to have been exterminated by him include Maithalas, Kasheyas, Ikshvakus, Panchalas, Shurasenas, Kurus, Haihayas, Vitihotras, Kalingas, and Ashmakas

The king mentioned here is Mahapadma Nanda(Greco Roman and puranic sources vary on how exactly he came to power and his origin but that is a story for another day).. Mahapadma subjugated all of the above and called himself "Ekarat"(while the concept of Samrat Chakravartin came much later under Ashoka)

However asmaka being under Nanda rule is a question of probability.....the reason we should start with asmaka as Nanda province is because it's very much probable

The Ashmakas occupied the Godavari valley in the Deccan region.Acording to one theory, Nanded in this region was originally called "Nau Nand Dehra" (abode of the nine Nandas), which may be considered as evidence of the Nanda control of this area. However, there is no concrete evidence that the Nanda rule extended to the south of the Vindhya range..

So there is no concrete evidence but it is highly probable

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