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I've managed, via online tutorials, to get VS2019 running.

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Small victory today.

This is how it goes - I wanted to change the magazine size on one of the weapons ever so slightly as I replaced said weapon with a different one. Well after a ton of reading it came down to "Yea, start coding". So via some older YouTube tutorials and an 8 year old SDK file pulled off of Valve's GitHub I got VisualStudio 2019 running and reading the HL.dll. I made the small tweaks to the weapons.h file and attempted to build the dll. VS came back with 9 errors. All of them about some 'abs' overload problem. I have no idea what I'm doing - how do I fix this? C++ was offered in school but I instead took CAD/drafting and woodshop. Google to the rescue, changed the 'abs' to 'fabs' and look at that it actually built the file. Copied it over to HLFR's directory and ran it. Impulsed my way to weapons and YES!!!! it's showing the new magazine and max ammo as I wanted! Armed with this there will now be more changes made in small increments to make sure the dll is stable.

That's all for now.



I know the feeling too well! I've started from adding a reloading function into gauss weapon, and since then I created and tweaked so many different things I've already lost count. Coding is fun but there's a lot to learn :) good luck!

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Kriegmorder Author

Thanks! I've pulled some assets from OP4 into it as well recently.

Did you do an animation as well for the Gauss?

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No, I just found a weapon (from CSO) which suit my mod very well, just right for gauss, but it had reloading animation and I really wanted it to be used. So that's why I started coding. I remember the times when I was scared to even think about doing it...

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